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By M. A. Alwar

Sometimes transliterated as: Indrayudham, IndrAyudham, Indraayudham


Indrāyudham is a neutral form.


It is derived from "indrasyāyudhamiva cāpākṛtitvāt" which means 'Like the weapon of Indra, owing to its shape like the bow'.


  1. The rainbow[1]
  2. rāmadhanuka[2]
  3. Gaṇḍī[3]

Textual references

in Raghuvaṁśa

It has been denoted in Raghuvaṁśa that,
“He did not allow to remain either the shout of Meghanāda, or his bow, radiant like Indra’s bow, even as autumn brooks not either the roar or the rainbow of a cloud.”

in Manu Smriti

It has been referred to in Manu that
“A wise man, having seen a rainbow in the sky, should not show it to anybody”.[4]


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