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By Swami Harshananda

Sometimes transliterated as: Raganugabhakti, RAgAnugabhakti, Raagaanugabhakti

Rāgānugabhakti literally means ‘devotion that follows emotion’.

Rāgānugabhakti Definition

Bhakti or devotion to God has been categorized into several varieties by the various schools of Bhakti Vedānta. Two such sentiments are the vaidhībhakti and the rāgānugabhakti.

Types of Rāgānugabhakti

Vaidhībhakti follows the vidhis or the rules set in the śāstras.[1] Rāgānugabhakti follows just one’s rāga or emotional attachment. Hence it can take any form of human emotion towards God. In this notion God can also be considered as one’s child or friend or beloved. God also will respond in the same way as towards:

  1. Yaśodā as her child
  2. Arjuna as a friend
  3. Gopīs as their beloved


  1. Śāstras are the holy books or scriptures.
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