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By Swami Harshananda

Sometimes transliterated as: Rsipancami-vrata, RsipaJcami-vrata, Rsipaycami-vrata

Saptarṣis, as per General Belief

The Saptarṣis or the seven sages are the highly revered figures in our tradition. They have obliged us by revealing spiritual knowledge and wisdom through the Vedic mantras. They are:

  1. Kaśyapa
  2. Atri
  3. Bharadvāja
  4. Viśvāmitra
  5. Gotama
  6. Jamadagni
  7. Vasiṣṭha

Saptarṣis, as per other belief

According to another tradition, they are:

  1. Marīci
  2. Atri
  3. Aṅgiras
  4. Pulastya
  5. Pulaha
  6. Kratu
  7. Vasiṣṭha


  • The Rsipañcami-vrata is dedicated to honoring the Saptarṣis.
  • The vrata can be performed by men of all the varṇas.[1]
  • Worship can be offered to the images of the sages.
  • Subsisting on vegetables and observing celibacy are very important in this vrata.
  • Freedom from sins and troubles and increase of good fortune are the promised results.
  • Women observing this vṛata are promised good bodily form, beauty, happiness and progeny.
  • It may be observed for seven years.[2]
  • The seven images along with the seven kalaśas should be donated to seven brāhmaṇas.
  • Though it is meant for all, it has somehow become a vrata observed mostly by women.


  1. It is for all practical purposes, castes.
  2. They are Seven Rṣipañcamīs consecutively.
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