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Aryan Culture

The Aryans who first entered India were remarkable for their many virtues and strength of intellect. The Vedic Rsis not only composed hymns and performed sacrifices but fought their wars and ploughed their fields. Their martial spirit was for a long time kept alive by the necessity of holding their own against the enemy. The mild climate and fertile soil of the country bringing the means of subsistence within easy reach made the struggle for existence in India an easy one. Besides the lofty mountains and the seas shutting the country off for a long time from outside influence gave the Indian culture a unique character. The peculiar environmental conditions of India have tended to make her people more meditative and philosophical.


The general condition of the country as a land of plenty and fertility, peaceful environments of the forest dwelling Rsis, support of the princes and the rich to the cause of education in general, and the spirit of scientific research, inquiry, imagination and thinking on the part of the Rsis, all these factors combined together contributed greatly to India�s later greatness in the field of knowledge in general and art and science in particular.