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By M. A. Alwar

Sometimes transliterated as: Amsabhak, AMZabhAk, Amshabhaak

Aṃśabhāk literally means ‘a recipient of a share of the property’.

Origin of the Word Aṃśabhāk

The derivation of this word is obtained by adding the suffix ‘aṃśakaḥ’ to the root ‘bhaj’ preceeded by the word ‘aṃśa’. Aṃśaṃ bhajate iti |

Aṃśabhāk as per Baudhayana

According to Baudhāyana "The twice-born belonging to the three castes should do the offering of sacred water to the ancestors in rivers across which dams have not been built." This belief is prevalent because feel that in such rivers, the owner of the dam is said to have rights over the usage of the water of the rivers.

References in Penance Principles

Aṃśabhāk is related to the atonement principles also. This can be indicated from the verse in the literature.[1]


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