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By M. A. Alwar

Indraluptam refers to a health issue that causes loss of emerald-colored hair.

Gender of word

Indraluptam is a neutral form.


The word is derived from "indrāṇām indranīlavarṇakeśānāṁ luptaṁ lopo yasmāt" which means 'That, due to which there is a loss of emerald-colored hair.'


  • Khālatyam
  • Rujyā
  • Ṭāka in Hindi


As per Nidāna

Vitiated pitta along with vāta at the hair roots makes the hair fall and vitiated kapha and rakta closes the hair pores making it impossible to grow. This condition is called indralupta which is also known as khālatya (baldness) and Rujyā[1]

As per Bhoja

Some indralupta which are also known as rujyā also resembles khallī (a vāta disease)”[2]

As per Kārttika

Indralupta refers to the falling of hair (including facial hair) unlike khālatya (baldness of the scalp) whereas in disease rujyā pain is associated with scalp hair fall[3]

As per Hārīta

Hārīta describes the symptoms and treatment of this disease as follows:[4]

  • A person has dry and whitish skin due to vāta.
  • A person has Reddish skin along with burning sensation due to pitta.
  • A person has unctuous skin due to kapha.
  • A person has ripened skin due to rakta and sannipāta (combination of vata pitta and kapha)


As per Bhāvaprakāśa

  1. Application of extract (svarasa) from Leaves of Paṭola (Bitter in taste) relieves Indralupta though it is very old within 3 days
  2. Titrating a combination of equal quantity of Gokṣura, Flowers of sesame, honey and ghee and its application overhead fills the head with hairs
  3. Soot prepared out of ivory and Rasañjana mixed with Goat’s milk relieves from indralupta as well as generates hair on palms also
  4. By using a combination of yaṣṭi, lotus (blue variety),grapes, oil, ghee and milk eradicates indralupta and makes the hair dense and strong
  5. An oil prepared by boiling with Jati, Karañja, varuṇa, Karavīra and massaged over the head relieves indralupta without a doubt
  6. The oil prepared with a paste of milk of snuhi, milk of arka, Lāṅgalī, bhṛṅgarāja, vatsanābha, aja mūtra, go mūtra, guñjā, indravāruṇī, siddhārthaka and vaca , when applied with limitation eradicates indralupta

As per Hārīta

  • In case of pittaja type of indralupta (loss of hairs), washing the hair with milk and other drugs told along with this are beneficial. Leaves of dattūra, pippalī, haridrā, indrayava, grahadhūma and khushta are to be ground into a paste and applied.
  • Paṭola, leaves of neem and aamla are to be ground and mixed with sugar, ghee and applied.By this one can find relief from loss of hair and all kinds śiroroga (Diseases of Head).
  • Making a soot with ivory and applying the same with butter is beneficial. Black sesame, arka, bhallātaka and black gram are burnt and made into ash which is to be applied along with butter. By application of ash of snake one can get rid of Baldness.
  • Vitiated vāta along with pitta burns the pores in the scalp, leading to hair fall in humans.

As per Caraka

In Khālitya, pālitya (greying of hairs), vali (wrinkles) and Tawny hair purification like nasya with taila and application of paste on the head are to be followed. By doing nasya with taila prepared using vidarigandha, jīvanīya gaṇa dravyas and anutaila cures baldness and greying of hairs.
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