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By Swami Harshananda

Pāniniya Siksā

Listed as one of the six Vedāṅgas (‘limbs of Veda’, subsidiary sciences that help in understanding the Vedas better) Śikṣā or phonetics teaches about the correct chanting of the Vedic mantras.

Out of the several Siksās listed in

Vedic works and allied literature, it is only the Pāniniya Siksā that is available now, in the most complete form.

Though it goes in the name of Pāṇini (the famous grammarian), it is actually composed by Piṅgala, the younger brother of Pāṇini.

In the available text there are sixty ślokas or verses. A smaller version comprising twenty-two verses occurs in the Agnipurāna.

It seems to belong to the Rgveda as well as the Yajurveda.


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