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By Swami Harshananda

Sthulaśarira literally means ‘the gross body’.

Classification of Śarira

According to the Vedānta, the jīva or the individual soul, is enveloped in three śarīras or bodies. They are:

  1. Sthulaśarira - gross or physical body
  2. Sukṣmaśarīra - subtle body, also called liṅgaśarīra
  3. Kāraṇaśarīra - causal body

Significance of Sthulaśarira

The sthulaśarīra is given by the parents and nourished by food. It is subjected to ṣaḍvikāras or six changes. They are:

  1. Birth
  2. Existence
  3. Growth
  4. Change
  5. Decay
  6. Death

Karma or the results of the actions of previous lives is an important factor in shaping this body.


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