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By Swami Harshananda

Sometimes transliterated as: Tulajapur, TulajApur, Tulajaapur

Geographical Location

Tulajāpur is the town 25 kms.[1] to the south of Osmanabad in Maharashtra. It is celebrated for its temple of Tulajā bhavānī, the goddess who blessed Śivājī[2] with the famous sword called ‘Bhavāni’.

Significance of Tulajāpur

According to the Devibhāgavata[3] this is one of the Śaktipīṭhas, places hallowed by the Devi’s limbs which fell at various places.

Bhavānī Temple in Tulajāpur

In the main temple is the dark image of Bhavānī. There is a bronze icon of the lion[4] kept in front of the image. Near this shrine is a well called ‘Kallolatīrtha.’ It has a gomukha[5] from which water is constantly coming out.

Other Temples

There are quite a few other temples here dedicated to:

  1. Bhavānīśaṅkara
  2. Gaṇeśa
  3. Dattātreya
  4. Kālabhairava
  5. Mātaṅgidevī
  6. Ramāvaradāyinī
  7. Śrīrāma
  8. Hanumān


  1. It is approximately 15 miles.
  2. Śivājī lived in A. D. 1627-1680.
  3. Devibhāgavata 7.38.6
  4. It is her vāhana or mount.
  5. It means a spout.
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