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By M. A. Alwar

Sometimes transliterated as: Una, Una, UUna

Ūna is meant as Defective.


Ūna is used in all the three genders.


The root is Ava + Nak by Uṇādi sūtra Jhaśhiñjidīdusyavibhyo nak[1]


  1. Parihāṇa
  2. Nyūnakriyā
  3. Hīnam
  4. Nyūnam

Perspective From Rishis

By Māgha

Māgha uses this in a twisted pun as
“The Yādavas were not at all taken back in the least”.

By Durgadāsa

Durgadāsa mentions that:
“The merchant brings down the gold in the first heating. You should not decrease it”.

Textual References

In Raghuvaṃśa

“The decrease was not much effected.”[2]

In Manusmṛti

“The relatives forsake the dead less than 2 years”.[3]


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