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11. ūna: Defective. Māgha uses this in a twisted pun as “The Yādavas were not at all taken back in the least”. Parihāṇa, Nyūnakriyā are synonyms. “The merchant brings down the gold in the first heating. You should not decrease it” and others are seen. This is stated by Durgadāsa. In all the three genders. The root is Ava + Nak by Uṇādi sūtra Jhaśhiñjidīdusyavibhyo nak (Uṇ. Sū. 3.2). ūṭh is got by “Jaratvara…” (6.4.20). “That which decreases”. The synonyms are Hīnam, Nyūnam. “The decrease was not much effected.” Raghuvaṃśa 2.14. and again in the same text 11.1. “The relatives forsake the dead less than 2 years” Manu 5. 68