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By M. A. Alwar

Sometimes transliterated as: Amsakam, AMZakam, Amshakam

Aṃśakam literally means relative who is entitled for a share of the ancestral property.

Meaning of Aṃśakam (n)

Aṃśakam (n) ‘day’ is the meaning according to the Trikāṇḍaśeṣa.

Meaning of Aṃśakam (m)

In this word the suffix is ‘kan’ as per the rule aṃśaṃ harī |. He is also called ‘dāyāda’ according to the Trikāṇḍaśeṣa.

Meaning of Aṃśakaḥ

Aṃśakaḥ also means ‘a small portion’ when the suffix ‘kan’ is added to the word aṃśa. Aṃśa is the miniature of the word Aṃśakam.