Aadathu Asangathu

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Aadathu asangathu vaa


OOthu kdu Venkata Subba iyer

Translated by

Ragam Karaharapriya
Thala aadhi


Aadathu asangathu vaa kanna, un adalil,
Irezhu bhuvanavum asaindhu aduthe


Adanai kana Thillai ambalthiraivam than aadalai vittu,
Inge gokulam vandaar, aadalinal chiru yadavane ,
Oru maa mayil iraginai Madhavane nee


Chinna chiru padangal shilambolithidume,
Adai chevi madutha piravi manam ,
Kalaindhidume naan pinniya,
Chadai chatte vagahai kalaindhidume,
Mayil peeli ashaindu ashaindu ,
Nilai kalaindhidume , panniru kai iraiva
Eru mayil onru than pasum thogai virithu aadi,
Parishallittudume paadi varum Azhaga,
Unai kkana varumadiyar,
Yevarayinum kanaka mani asayum ,
Unadu thiru nadanam kan pattu ponal,
Manam pun pattu pogume.

English translation


Oh Krishna, please come without dancing and shaking,
For if you do that all the fourteen worlds would be moving and rolling.


For seeing your dance The Lord Nataraja has left Chidambaram,
And has come to Gokula and Oh little Yadava, oh Madava,
Please leave out that one big feather of the peacock.


With anklets making jingling sounds when your little feet move,
The mind that hears would be shaken by that,
The pig tail that I made would be fully disturbed,
With the peacocks feather shaking and shaking,
And would loose its Balance, Oh God with 12 hands,
The peacock that you ride opened its feathers to dance,
And to give you a present, Oh pretty one who comes singing,
Any of those devotees, who would come to see you,
Would be greatly upset if some evil eyes,
Affect the dance of yours with golden bells swinging,
And their mind would be deeply hurt.