Aadhanippakkam Sri Nandheeswarar

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By Saravanan Iyer


This ancient temple is located in Chennai near St. Thomas Mount. The main diety is Sri Nandheeswarar and Godess is Sri Aavudai Nayagi (Gomathi in Sanskrit). Legend says that, there lived a Rishi called 'Bringi Munivar' in the nearby hill and was performing penance worshipping Lord Shiva. As 'Bringi' Rishi was residing, the hill was called as 'Bringi Malai' which is today's 'Parangi Malai' or 'St. Thomas Mount'. Pleased by Bringi Rishi's worship, Lord Shiva gave dharshan to him in the form of Nandhi in this holy place and hence the God here is known as Nandheeswarar.

During later days, a Chola king called "Aadhani Cholan" who was ruling this part of the land, constructed this temple. As this territory was part of his then kingdom, this place was known as "Aadhanippakkam" which turned to be today's "Aadhambakkam". Located very close to St. Thomas Mount Railway Station, this ancient, yet small and beautiful temple has a very holy ambience with ancient architecture and sculptures. There was a wall in between the Nandhi and the Sanctum Sanctorum which according to the Sastras is not good for the temple. Sri Chandrasekara Saraswathy, who is also called "Paramacharya" once visited this place and arranged to remove the obstructing wall between Nandhi and the main Diety.

Other dieties present here are Pillaiyar, Sri Dhakshinamurthy, Maha Vishnu, Sri Durgai, Bairavar and Navagrahas. This temple attracts a huge crowd of devotees on Pradhosham days, as there are special poojas performed here promptly. The Bairavar here is also beleived to be more powerful and blessing for which many men and women pray to him for marriage or child birth. This temple, though located amidst the crowded city, gives that feeling of bliss and provides peace of mind to destress ourselves from today's stressful life. This temple will be worth visiting for devotees.