Aadum varai avar aadattum

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Adum varai avar adatuum

Oothukadu Venkata Subba iyer

Translated by

Ragam Huseni
Thalam Roopakam

Adum varai avar Adattum,
Arinthu kondenadi,
Mayanginen adi , kureyan adi

THedum varai ennai thedattum,
Therivikkathe adi
Idathai mattum yetha mattum

1,Ingidhm yendarle veesai yeena vilai yendru,
Ketpar andha mannan –adhai,
Yeduthu cholla vandhu nindrale , penne nee,
Yerkumodi yendhan yennam

2.Sangitham ivaridam koyir kurangaaga,
Thavikkuthe yen cholla innium,
Saralai varisai muralikkachu,
Jandai varisai Kondaikkachu,
Alankara Pambu mele adi vachu Padiyachu

English translation

Let him play as much as he wants,
I have understood him,
I have fallen for him but I have no problems

Let him search me as much as he can,
Please do not tell him,
As much as possible at least the place

1.If you say “Politeness” , that king will ask , how much per pound,
And suppose you try to explain it to him , Oh girl,
Would I agree to that.

2.What to say music is struggling like a temple monkey with him,
Fundamental sequences of song are sufficient for his flute,
The speed sequences of the music are sufficient for his made up hair,
And are like the steps that he had taken on the ornamental snake.