Abhayamba ninnu chinthichavarikki

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Sri Abhayamba ninnu chinthichavaariki*


Muthu Swami Deekshithar

*a rare composition in Tamil, telugu and Sanskrit.

Translated by


Raga Shri
Tala Aadi


Abhayamba ninnu chinthichavaariki,
Inda kavali yellam theerum amma.


He abhayakare vare , kripa thonu,
Yendanai Rakshikka ithu nalla samayam amma


Nee athyadbhutha shubha guna mulu vinni,
Neeva dikkani near nmmithi,
Neerajakshi , nija roopa sakshi
Nithyananda guru guha katakshi , rakshi

English translation


Oh Abhayamba, to those who think of you,
All these worries would get over.


Oh Goddess with protecting hands who gives boons,
This is the proper time to protect me with mercy


After hearing your wonderful good qualities,
Believing you are my only hope,
Oh Goddess with fish like eyes,
Oh Goddess who is the witness to her true form,
Oh Goddess who with joy looks at Guru Guha,
Please look at me, please protect me.