Abhayambam Bhakthim Karomi

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Abhayambayaam Bhakthim karomi


Muthu Swamy Deekshithar

Translated by


Raga Sahana
Thala Mishra Chapu


Abhayambayaam Bhakthim karomi
Sachidananda roopaayaam swa swaroopayaam

Samashti Charanam

Vibhadhi vitharana nipuna manthrinyam,
Vijayakarana nipunathara dandinyam,
Vivadhaadhi bhoothakirana malinyam,
Vikalpa harana nipuna shoolinyam,
Abhedha prathi padhithaayaam , Aadi Guru Guha vedithayam,
Sabesha modhitha natanayam , Sayujya pradha charanayam.

English Translation


I show my devotion to Abhayambika,
Who has the form of divine ecstasy,
And who is the form of her own self.


She is the minister who is an expert in giving riches,
She is a punisher who is an expert in getting victory,
She is the purifier who deals with debates on the five elements,
She is armed with Shoola so that she removes all difficulties,
She is indivisible and realized by Guru Guha,
Her dance is appreciated by Shiva and her feet leads to salvation of her devotees.