Adhithya Dwadasa Nama Stotram

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Translated By P.R.Ramachander

Prayer of twelve names of Sun God. It is believed that He would bless the singer of this stotra with all that is good if it is sung on Sundays.

Ekachakro radho yasya divya Kanaka bhooshitha,
Sa may Bhavathu supreetha Pancha hasatho divakaro.., 1

Let me become dear to the five handed day breaker,
Who travels in a one wheeled divine golden Chariot.

Adhithya pradhamam nama, dwitheeyanthu Diwakara,
Thrutheeyam Bhaskara proktham chathurthanthu Prabhakara.., 2

First” son of Adhithi “, second the” day breaker”,
Third” he who makes things shine”, fourth the “maker of light”.

Panchamam thu sahasramsu, sashtamchaiva Trilochana,
Sapthamam Haridaswancha Ashtamanthu Vibhavasu.., 3

Fifth “He who has thousand rays” sixth “He who has here eyes”,
Seventh “He who has green horses”, Eighth “ He who lights things”

Navamam Dina kruth proktham, dasamam Dwadasathmaka,
Ekadasam Threemurthy Dwadasam Surya eva cha.., 4

Ninth “The maker of a new day”, tenth, “He who has twelve souls”,
Eleventh “Three gods” and twelfth The “Sun god”.

Dwadasadhithya Namaani pratha kale Paden nara,
Dukha pranasanan chaiva Sarva Dukhancha nasyathi.., 5

To the man who reads these twelve names of the Sun in the morning,
Sorrows would be stopped from coming and all his sorrows would be destroyed.