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By Jit Majumdar

Sometimes transliterated as: Arisţanemi, Arisţanemi, Arishţanemi

  1. unbroken or intact felly
  2. smooth and uninterrupted journey
  3. a son of Vinatā and the father of Sumati (M. Bh.); a son of Kaśyapa (M. Bh.); a pseudonym adopted by Sahadeva in the Virāţa Kingdom (M. Bh.); the 22 Jaina Tirthamkaras of the present Avasarpinī (A. Koşa); the wife of King Sagara (V. Rām.); a prajāpati who was the husband of four of Dakşa’s daughters (Ś. Pur.); another name for Kŗşņa.