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  1. the owner/ possessor of splendour or wealth
  2. Godhead; one who possesses or embodies the 6 qualities or “powers” as mentioned in scriptures, namely those of ‘divinity’ (iśvarattva); ‘wealth/opulence’ (aiśvarya), ‘beauty’ (śrī); ‘knowledge’ (vijñāna); ‘fame’ (yaśas) and ‘strength/valour’ (śaktī/ vīrya) -- alternately in some sources including ‘detachment’ (vairāgya); a common epithet for any great and revered person who embodies such great qualities
  3. the commonly used (masculine) noun for God. (Fem: bhagavatī:)
  4. another name for Durgā and Kālī, but also used in a general sense for all forms of the Mother Goddess such as Lakşmī, Sarasvatī, Pārvati etc.

Sometimes transliterated as: Bhagavana, BhagavAna, Bhagavaana