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Cakrapaniis the most famous among the commentators of Caraka Samhita. His commentary is in its entirety It has been printed at many places.


We learn from his own statements at the end of his Ayurveda-dipika and� Cikitsaasangraha and also from Sivadasa, the commentator of Cikitsa-sangraha that Cakrapani�s father's name was Narayana and his elder brother�s name was Bhanudatta. Both his father and brother were in the service of the Gauda king, Nayapaala. His preceptor�s name was Naradatta. Historians have fixed Nayapala's time as 1040-1070 A D. i.e. the middle of the 11th century.


Thus the period of this most popular of Caraka comment�ator is easily fixed. He was a native of Bengal. This statement is supported by many references internal as well as external. Jayadeva says:


�This Cakrapani is reputed to be a resident of Birbhum district of Bengal.� There exists even a temple dedicated to the deity called Cakrapaniswara, built by Cakrapani �


From the benedictory opening verses of Cakra-sangraha, we learn that several epithets like Vaidya, Mahamahopadhyaaya and Sivabhakta are applied to him.


Besides his unrivalled commentary on Caraka three other works are ascribed to his pen viz: