Chandra mathiyo ival

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Chandra Mathiyo ival

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(These are called Pathiyams and are again sung during Nalungu which is a play between the groom and bride meant to break the ice. Some of the them would try to tease or make fun of the groom/bride or their parents.,)

Ragam Mohanam
Tala aadhi


1.Chandra mathiyo ival , indraniyo, poorna,
Chandra oliyo , Surya vindai oliyo

2. Sundara rambayo , jyothi prakasamo,
Yengal kulam vilanga vandal Yamuna rathiyo

3.Indranaar raniyo , Isainda Brahman vaniyo,
Andarathu amarar choozh alangaramo

4.Kanda malar veniyo kara thalaa kamalamo,
Kakshiyay vandu uditha santhi mathiyo

5.Ivalai naan yelimai cholla yelitho, yelitho,
Yengal kulam vilanga vandal Yamuna rathiyo,
Indhaadi Thamboolam Vangikkodi.

English translation

1.Is she one with a face like moon,
Is she the queen of heaven,
Is she moon light , Is she the magical light of Sun.

2.Is she the pretty Rambha , Is she a halo of light,
Is she the Goddess of love come to brighten our clan.

3.Is she the queen of Indra , Is she the obedient wife of Brahma,
Is she the decoration surrounded by the Gods of the sky

4.Is she the bunch of flowers, Is she lotus in hand,
Is she the peaceful one who rose before me like a picture

5.Is it easy for me to tell bad about her
Is she the Goddess of love come to brighten our clan.
Hey Girl , take this Thamboola from me.