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By Swami Harshananda

Sometimes transliterated as: Cintamani, CintAmaNi, Cintaamani

Cintāmaṇi literally means ‘thought-gem’.

Cintāmaṇi as per Purāṇas

The purāṇas describe this as a supernatural gem. The owner of this is said to obtain whatever he wishes for (maṇi = gem; cintā = thought, wish).

Cintāmaṇi as per Literature

In devotional literature, God is described as Cintāmaṇi for the same reason.

Cintāmaṇi as per Astrology

In astrology, a particular combination of planets heralding an auspicious time for travelling is called cintāmaṇi.

Cintāmaṇi as per Buddhism

In Buddhist symbols it stands for the mind.


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