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By Jit Majumdar

Sometimes transliterated as: Citrańgada, CitrAńgada, Citraańgada

  1. with a beautiful body; with beautiful limbs
  2. with decorated or bejeweled body/ limbs; with bejeweld arms
  3. the elder son of the Kuru King Śāntanu and Satyavatī (M. Bh.); a king of Kalińga (M. Bh.); a king of Daśārņa who was killed by Arjuna (M. Bh.); a gandharva (K.S.S.); (fem: citrāńgadā): the third wife of Arjuna who was the princess of Maņipura and the daughter of its king Citravāhana, and the mother of Babhruvāhana by Arjuna (M. Bh.).