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By Jit Majumdar

  1. with a bright chariot
  2. a gandharva chieftain who was the son of th sage Kaśyapa and a friend of the Pāndavas, specially of Arjuna (M. Bh.); a minister of Daśaratha who belonged to the Sūta Dynasty (V. Rām.); a king of the Bharata Dynasty who was the son of Gaya (Bg. Pur.); a son of King Drupada of Pāñcāla who fought for the Pāndavas in the Bharata War (M. Bh.); a King of Ańga who was the husband of Prabhābatī (M. Bh.); a Yadava chief who was the son of Uśańku and the father of Śūra (M. Bh.); the son of Vīrabāhu and the grandson of Ravana, who married Hemā the daughter of Rāma’s son Kuśa (V. Rām.); the king of the Gandharvas (A. Veda); a descendant of Ańga and the son of Dharmaratha (Hv. Pur.); a vidyādhara (A. Kośa); another name for the Pole Star and the sun.