Dina mani vamsodhara

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Dina mani Vamsoddhara

Smt Bala Sundari ammal

Translated by

(These Shobane songs were sung when the bride groom is being invited to take oil bath before marriage. )

Raga Panduvarali
Tala Roopaka




1.Dina mani vamsoddhara,
Dheena jana mandhaara,
Divyalakrutha bhooshaa,
Druda kodanda hastha

2,Palaya Maam Sri Rama,
Pavana Raghu kula soma,
Bhaktha vanditha Charana
Papa vidhoora harana

3.Dasaratha Nandana,
Thadagi mardhana,
Ahalya pavana ,
Ambuja lochana.

English translation

May all the good happen


1.The one who made solar dynasty great,
The one who helps the down trodden
The one who has dressed up divinely,
The one who holds Kodanda firmly

2.Please look after me , Rama,
Oh God who is the moon to the holy dynasty of Raghu,
Oh God whose feet is worshipped by devotees,
Oh God who drives away to far off

3.Oh God who is the son of Dasaratha,
Oh God who killed Ogress Thadaga,
Oh God who made Ahalya pure
Oh God with lotus like eyes.