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By Swami Harshananda

Haradatta (A.D. 1200?) was an advaitin who carved out an important niche in the dharmaśāstra literature. He was the second son of Padmakumāra and in all probability belonged to South India. He was a great devotee of Śiva. His works are:

  1. Anākulā, a commentary on the Āpastamba Grhyasutras
  2. Anāvilā, a commentary on the Āśvalāyana Grhyasutras
  3. Mitāksarā, a commentary on the Gautama Dharmasutras
  4. Ujjvalā, a commentary on the Āpastamba Dharmasutras

These commentaries are meticulous in grammar. They have been considered as models for commentators.


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