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What is Fickleness?

Some people have a lack of self-confidence and are indecisive. They show immaturity in their behavior and do not think before doing their tasks. In addition to this fickleness of mind, they can also show physical fickleness by constantly moving their limbs while sitting or talking meaninglessly all the time.

We should not keep talking all the time. We should speak only when we have to. We should remain quiet if we do not have to talk. If we talk too much, then people around us get very irritated. If we talk too much, then others think that we are foolish. Kids who are intelligent speak only when they have too. Most of the time, they keep quiet and listen to others or do something to keep busy. We should keep quiet even if someone is teasing us. The story below shows how a tortoise lost its life because it did not stay quiet when others teased it.

The Tortoise and the Two Swans

In a lake lived two swans and a tortoise. They were very good friends. One day, a fisherman came with his friends to the lake and said, "Tomorrow I will come with a big net and catch all the fish and the tortoise in this lake. When the tortoise heard this, he got scared and asked his friends, the two swan birds, to help him. There was another lake close by. The swans said that they will carry a stick in their mouths together and fly to that other lake. The tortoise can hold at the stick with its mouth.


When they reach the other lake, the tortoise can open his mouth and go into the water. But the swans said that the turtle should not open his mouth when they were flying together. Now, when they were flying from the old lake to the new one, some people saw the tortoise being carried in the air by the swans. They started teasing the tortoise saying, "Soon, your mouth will get tired. Then you will fall down from the stick and crash to the ground. We will come and pick up and eat you."

The tortoise was really stupid. He could not keep quiet. He opened his mouth and wanted to shout back at those people. But as soon as he had opened the mouth, he fell from the stick and fell to the ground below. As he hit the ground, he got crushed and was killed. If only the tortoise had learned to keep quiet, his friend swans would have safely taken him alive to the new lake!

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