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By M. A. Alwar

Sometimes transliterated as: Ilisah, IlIZaH, Ilishah


Ilīśaḥ is a masculine form.


Ilīśaḥ is derived from "ilanti apsu drutaṁ gacchantīti ela drutagāmino matsyāḥ teṣām īśaḥ" which means 'The king of ilas is a kind of fish which moves rapidly in water.

Perspectives of Rishis and Purānas

As per śabdaratnāvalī

It is a kind of fish.

As per Vaidyakadravyaguṇa

  1. Sweet
  2. Oily
  3. Cures deficiency of bile
  4. Cures phlegm abnormalities
  5. Slows digestion

As per Udbhaṭa

Ilīśaḥ according to him is:
“ilīśa excels nectar; vācā is beyond words; Rohita is said to be good for us; Madgura is dear to my guru”.</ref>


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