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By M. A. Alwar

Sometimes transliterated as: Indraluptah, IndraluptaH, Indraluptah


Indraluptaḥ is a masculine form.


The word Indraluptaḥ derives from "indrāṇām indranīlavat keśānāṁ luptaṁ nāśo yasmāt'. It means 'That due to which there is a loss of hair which resemble indranīla'.


Indraluptaḥ is a disease which destroys hair.


Its synonyms are:

  1. Indraluptakaḥ
  2. Keśaghnah by Rājanirghaṇṭaḥ

Symptoms & Cure

Symptoms and Cure of this disease can be seen under indraluptam.


  • Shabdakalpadrumah by Raja Radhakantdev, Varadaprasada Vasu, Haricarana Vasu