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By M. A. Alwar

Indraprastham – n. It is derived as indrasya indrakīlasya prastham iva (Resembling the peak of Indrakīla mountain). It is the City built by king Yudhiṣṭhira, now famous as Delhi. We see a description of the city in MBh. 1|208|281 Trans. – Then, those great warriors, having performed an expiatory rite in a sacred, auspicious place, built a city led by Dvaipāyana; a city decorated with trenches resembling the seas. That Indraprastha shone like the heaven, like a group of clouds penetrated and encapsulated by lightning.

• Notes by the editor: Indraprastha was the capital city built by the Paṇḍava-s, with the help of Maya, the architect of Demons, who was rescued by Arjuna during the burning of Khāṇḍavavana.


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