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By M. A. Alwar

Sometimes transliterated as: Irivellika, IrivellikA, Irivellikaa

Irivellikā is a disease caused by an affliction born of a boil in the head.


Irivellikā is a feminine form.

Perspective from the Rishis


“In the head a round boil with severe pain and severe fever caused by all the three doshas and having the symptoms of all the three doshas is called as irivellikā.”


“Irivellika is a round boil above the neck region with the symptoms of all the three doshas.”


As per Bhāvaprakāśa

“A doctor should treat irivellikā by the same procedure that has been stated for treatment of paittika (a bilious disease) and visarpa (a dry, spreading itchy disease).

As per vaidyakacakrapāṅisaṁgraha

“Irivellikā, also known as gandha, should be treated like a bilious visarpa”.


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