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By Swami Harshananda

Sometimes transliterated as: Kakini, KAkini, Kaakini

Yoginīs are a group of 64 female deities. They are associated with Durgā. Kākinī is one of the aspect of them.

She is generally pictured as having four faces, three eyes and two or four hands. She is generally decorated in yellow garments. She is shown as having a skull-bowl in one hand and exhibiting the abhayamudrā[1] in the other hand.

When she is shown having four hands, she carries a noose and show the varadamudrā.[2] She is also sometimes posited as the presiding goddess of the anāhatacakra.[3]


  1. Abhayamudrā means gesture of protection.
  2. Varadamudrā means boon-giving posture.
  3. Anāhatacakra means lotus of the heart.
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