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* [[Jain Dharma]]
* [[Jain Dharma]]
* [[Sikh Dharma]]
* [[Sikh Dharma]]
* Bonpa Dharma
* [[Yungdrung Bon|Bonpa Dharma]]

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Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia, is devoted to educating the public about all aspects of Hinduism ranging from history and philosophy to current events that impact Hindus.

We are the only online Hindu encyclopedia that provides the public with a traditional perspective on our religion and way of life.

There are 5,720 articles on Hindupedia.

General Introduction

The Three Approaches to Salvation

Shastra (Scripture & Literature)

Core Concepts

Individual and Social Life




Sagely Quote

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Love and true knowledge are just two names for one and the same thing which is a natural property of the Self and rises spontaneously to the surface when the Soul concentrates.
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—Shantananda Saraswati

Living Traditions




Outgrowths of Hinduism

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the kinship of the religions of India stems from the fact that Jains, Buddhists and Sikhs look back to Hinduism as their common mother.
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—S. Vernon McCasland, Religions of the World

Comparative Religion

Interactions with Abrahamic Religions


Textbooks for Children