Manomayakośa (‘the sheath of the mind’)

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By Swami Harshananda

Sometimes transliterated as: Manomayakosa (‘the sheath of the mind’), ManomayakoZa (‘the sheath of the mind’), Manomayakosha (‘the sheath of the mind’)

Manomayakośa literally means ‘the sheath of the mind’.

The manas or mind, along with the pañcajñānendriyas or the five organs of knowledge, form the ‘manomayakośa’ or the sheath of mind. It covers and hides the real nature of the Ātman or the Self like a sheath. It is a part of the sukṣma-śarīra which is also called as liṅga-śarīra, the subtle body, the other two parts being prāṇamayakośa[1] and vijñānamayakośa.[2]


  1. Prāṇamayakośa means the sheath of vital airs.
  2. Vijñānamayakośa means the sheath of intellect.
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