Nava Graha Stotram II

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Nava Graha Stotram II

Translated by

Dwibujam Padma hastham cha varadam makutanvitham,
Dhyayed divakaram devam sarvaabheeshta phala pradham.

I meditate on the god who makes the day , who has two hands,
Has a lotus flower in his hand , who gives boons, who wears a crown,
And who fulfils all the desires.

Gadhayudha daram devam , swetha varnam , nisakaram,
Dhayeth amrutha sambhootham , sarva kama phala pradham.

I meditate on the God who has the nectar, who is armed with the mace,
Who is white in colour , who makes the night and who fulfills all desires.

3.Angaraka (Mars)
Raktha malyambaradharam hema roopam chathurbhujam,
Sakthi soola gadha padman dharantham swakarmbujai

Wearing red colured garland , has a golden form , has four hands ,
And holds in his hands Sakthi, trident , mace , and lotus flower.

Simharoodam , chathurbahum , gadga charma gadha dharam,
Soma puthram , maha sowmyam , dhayeth sarva sidhidham

I meditate on him who can grant all Sidhis, who rides on a lion,
Who has four hands, who is armed with sword , leather and mace,
Who is son of moon god and is very calm.

5.Guru (Jupiter)
Dandakshamala varada kamandaludharam vibhum,
Pushparagangitham peetham varadam bhayeth gurum.

I salute the techer who wears the Pushparaga stone ,
Who is yellow, giver of boons and holds in his hand,
Staff, rosary , and water pot and shows sign of blessing.

6.Shukra (Venus)
Jatilam chaksha suthram cha vara danda kamandalum,
Swetha vasthravrutham Shukram dhayed dhana poojitham

I meditate on Shukra who is worshipped by asuras,
Who is complicated , carries rosary thread, blessed staff and water pot,
Who wears white cloth .

7.Sanaischara (Saturn)
Neelambaro, neela vapu , kireeti grudra sthitha asthra sakaro dhanushman,
Chathurbhuja Soorya sutha , prasantha sadasthu mahyam varada prasanna.

Wearing blue cloth ,having a blue body, wearing a crown , sitting on a vulture,
Armed with arrow and bow, having four hands, son of Sun God ,
With calm disposition , let that pleasing God who blesses may be mine.

Karala vadanam , gadga , charma soola varanvitham,
Neelaa simhasanastham cha dhyayeth rahum prasanthaye.

I meditate on Rahu with a calm face , who has a black face ,
Who holds the sword , leather and is the giver of boons ,
And who sits on a throne of the colur of blue.

Dhoomra varna dwibahum cha kethum cha vikruthananam,
Drudrasanagatham nithyam dhyayeth n sarva phalapthaye.

Meditating on Kethu the smoke colured one ,
With an ugly face , who sits on a throne of vulture,
You would be achieving all that you wish.