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By Swami Harshananda

Raudri literally means ‘the terrible goddess’.

Aspects of Raudri

Raudri is an aspect of the goddess Pārvati. She is the feminine counterpart or consort of Śiva as Rudra, the Terrible. She is also called as:

  1. Caramamuṇḍā
  2. Cāmuṇḍā
  3. Mahāmāyā
  4. Sarvabhṅta-mahāraudrī
  5. Kālarātrī

Characteristics of Raudri

  • The demon Durga, the son of Ruru, had obtained a boon that he could never be killed by male beings. Unable to bear his atrocities, all the gods approached Brahmā, the creator for succor. On his request, Raudri killed Durga.
  • She is also described as one of the eight forms of Parāśakti[1] like Vāmā, Jyeṣṭhā, Kālī and so on.
  • She is the personified aspect of fire element in the creation.
  • Iconographical works picture her as black in complexion, clad in red garments.


  1. Parāśakti is Pārvati as the Supreme Power.
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