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The passing of the final test marked the completion of studies. At the end, the student was given a ceremonial bath and then he would become a Snataka or the Graduate. This was an importance milestone in a student's life. It was the period when the graduate was on the threshold of a new life As a matter of fact he was called as thrice born.


On the completion of his studies, the physician is said to be �reborn� and acquires the title of physician 5 For no one is a physician by right of birth.

On the completion of his studies, the spirit of revelation or of inspiration of the truth descends into the student It is by reason of this initiation then, that a physician is called a �Trija� or a thrice-born one� .


The word thrice born is explained thus


�The first birth is from the womb of the mother, the second birth at the time of the sacred-thread ceremony and the third birth is at the conclusion of the medical study and when he has acquired a comprehensive insight into the science. Hence is he called a thrice born one."