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Period of Jatukarna

Not much is known about Jatukarna, the co-student of Agnivesa and a great medical author of the golden age of Ayurveda. He is also said to have compiled a medical treatise, but it is not available now. It seems it was available upto Cakrapani's time as we find profuse quotations from Jatukarna in Cakrapani's work. Cakrapani seems to have selected passages more from Jatukarna than Bhela.

Meaning of Jatukarna

The word Jatukarna as such means bat-eared. We do not know whether our Jatukarna had ears like a bat or whether it was just a proper noun without any relation to its derivation.

References of Jatukarna

  • In Satapatha Brahmana he is described as the propounder of Brahmavidya.
  • He is also a great seer whose name is reverentially used to denote a Gotra.
  • Jatukarnais also known as Jatukarna and is quoted in many famous medical works.
  • VyakhyaKusumavali contains many quotations from Jatukarna's work out of which only two are cited above.
  1. NibandhaSangraha:
  2. Tattwa-candrika:
  • In commenting on Palankasadyam Tailam, Sivadasa quotes the different readings from Jatukarna.
  • Besides this, we find a host of quotations from Jatukarna in Vagbhata's following works:
  1. VyakhyaMadhukosa,
  2. Astangahrdaya:


It is said that we come to know of the work of this greatly learned author through the scattered quotations in other medical works, the original work having been lost to us, perhaps forever.  


  • The Caraka Samhita published by Shree Gulabkunverba Ayurvedic Society, Jamnagar, India