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By Swami Harshananda


Every mantra or ṛk of the Rgveda is attributed to some ṛṣi or sage. He is the person through whom the mantra was revealed.

Madhucchandas, one of the sons of the famous sage Viśvāmitra, is the ṛṣi of the first ten suktas of the first maṇḍala of the Rgveda. The total number of mantras or ṛks in these ten suktas is 102.

He has also been mentioned in the Kausitaki Brāhmana (28.2) and the Aitareya Ār any aka (1.1.3).

The ṛṣis to whom a hundred or more ṛks were revealed, came to be known as Śatarcins. Madhucchandas is ranked first among them.


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