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Post-Graduate Training

Graduation did not mark the total end of education. Nearly every student who completed his study, underwent postgraduate training. The necessity of getting postgraduate training is very cle�arly emphasized both in Caraka Samhita and Susruta Sambita.


�Having received the whole of science, the student should, for the sake of strengthening his understanding, strive constantly and well to perfect himself in his grasp of nomenclature, the interp�retation of their meaning and in the power of exposition."


Having finished the study of the science, one must strive to get ability for exposition, for fuller grasp of the meanings, for boldness, for dexterity in practice, for its constant study and for success m treatment."


Antagais the word used to signify literally one who has gone to the end of the routine courses.


Besides these ordinary post-graduates, there was a class of students who avowed to be life-long students. This class was called Naisthika Brahmacari. They were the real research scholars.


Even the post-graduate studies was not the end. Medical science being endless and ever progressive, the physician was enjoined to keep himself ever-attentive to maintain the spirit of studentship.

�Therefore the intelligent person who is aspiring to be a good physician should always persevere to his best in the acquisition of the true qualities of a physician, so that he may be a real giver of life to people."



Thou shalt act always with a view to the acquisition of knowledge and the fullness of equipment."


The art of surgery necessitated daily practice if one wanted to achieve success in the profession.


��Success always attends a physician who is expert at practice. Hence he should constantly handle the instruments to keep up his efficiency."