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Sivadasa Sen

SivadasaSen�s commentary on Caraka Samhita is known as Tattwa-candrika. Only a portion of it (Sutra 1-27) is avail�able The manuscript belongs to the Bombay Royal Asiatic Society Library.


Regarding his history, all we can gather is that he was born in the Vaidya guild, his father�s name was Ananta Sen, his birth place was Malancika, a village in Bengal and that the then ruler of Guda Bengal was Barbaka Saha who ruled over Bengal from 145b to 1474 A. D.

That he belonged to Bengal is also evident from his name ending viz., Sen. He was a Vaisnavite in spite of his name Sivadasa Sen. The following works stand in his name:



His commentary written in 1448 A D. is available in parts.