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The text of Baudhāyana Dharmasutra has been edited several times.[1][2][3] The Mysore edition has been used in this work.

Baudhāyana is a teacher of the Krsnayajurveda. A complete set of the Baudhāyanasutras has not yet been recovered and has not been as carefully preserved as the sutras of Apastamba and Hiranyakesin. Dr. Burnell arranges Baudhayana’s sutras into six sutras, the Śrautasutra in 19 praśnas; Karmāntasutra in 20 adhyāyas; Dvaidhasutra in four praśnas; Grhyasutra in four prasnas ; Dharmasutra in four prasnas ; Sulvasutra in three adhyāyas. The commentators do not indicate the place originally assigned to the grhya, dharma and sulva sutras in the whole collection. Dr, Caland in his monograph[4]

Contents of Baudhāyana Dharmasutra

The contents of Baudhāyana Dharmasutra can be denoted as follows:

Dr. Caland edited nine prasnas of the Srautasutra for the B. I. Series[17]. Dr. R. Sham-sastri published for the Mysore UniversityCite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag
  1. The text was first edited by Dr. Hultzsch at Leipzig in 1884.
  2. It was then edited in the Anandāśrama collection of smṛtis.
  3. It was later on edited by the Mysore Government Oriental Series in 1907 with the commentary of Govindasvamin; translated in S. B. E., Vol. 14, with an Introduction.
  4. It was published in A.D. 1903.
  5. Sutras from I-XXI
  6. Sutras from XXII-XXV
  7. Sutras from XXVI-XXVIII
  8. Sutras from XXIX-XXXI
  9. Sutras XXXII
  10. Sutras XXXIII-XXX
  11. Sutras XXXVI
  12. Sutras XXXVII
  13. Sutras XXXVIII-XLI
  14. Sutras XLII-XLIV
  15. Sutras XLV
  16. Sutras XLVI-XLIX
  17. It happened in A. D. 1904