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By Swami Harshananda


This is one of the thirty-two major forms of Gaṇapati. It is a form mentioned in the tantras and worshipped for magical ends.

The expression ‘ucchiṣṭa’ (‘leftover’) here signifies Brahman, because that alone—or He alone—remains even after the dissolution of the whole world.

It may also mean ‘unclean’. Ucchiṣṭa-gaṇapati is absolute and mighty but unclean or indecent in appearance. He is capable of granting the desires of his votaries even though they too may be unclean!

His images may have six arms or four. The things shown in his hands include lotus, pomegranate, lute, bunch of paddy grains, rosary, bow, arrow, noose, goad, sweetmeat, bowl and broken tusk.

He is usually shown with his Śakti (consort) in an amorous pose.

See also GANAPATI.


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