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By Saravanan Iyer

Located at just 7 kms from Trichy City, Woraiyur houses a beautiful and most popular temple of Sri Vekkaliamman. Since ages, Woraiyur has been an important city around Trichy. It was the Capital city of ancient Chola empire. One of the Azhwars called "Thiruppaanaazhwar" was also born here. Two chola Kings, Pugazh Chola Nayanar and Gochenkan Cholan were born here.

The Temple

Sri Vekkaliamman Temple is situated in Woraiyur. The Amman is facing the north. It was believed by the ancient kings that Gods and Goddess who personify valour and facing north will bless the kings with victory in the battle. Hence all the ancient kings used to pray Vekkali Amman before leaving to the battle field. Gochenkan Chola who was born in Woraiyur, built this temple of Goddess Shakthi.


An ancient saint, Sarama Rishi who lived in Woraiyur was having a wonderful garden with rare flowers in it. He used to worshipThayumanavar Swamy of Trichy everyday, offering garland made of flowers from his garden, to Lord Shiva. A local florist, Pranthakan, saw the beauty of the flowers from his garden started taking flowers from Sarama Rishi's garden, and started supplying to the King in the palace, to keep himself in the good books of the king. As the king was happy with the flowers, Pranthakan started stealing flowers from the garden regularly. Everyday, Rishi started finding the flowers missing from his garden.

The sage one day found that Paranthakan was the culprit and he went complaining to the King that the flowers were meant exclusively for Lord Thayumanavar and Pranthakan is stealing them everyday. The king didn't give an ear to it, as he already started liking those flowers. With much grief, the sage went straight to Lord Thayumanavar praying him to put an end to Pranthakan's activity. The Lord turned wild after hearing this. The God was facing the east till then. He turned facing west (towards Woraiyur), with his powerful eyes open, emitting anger which resulted in a huge sand storm started spoiling the whole city of Woraiyur. Sand was filled everywhere burying the city. People were helpless and didn't know the reason for sudden sandstorm on Woraiyur. They went and surrendered to Vekkali Amman, praying to save them.

The Goddess went to Lord Thayumanavar and prayed to bring down his anger. Thayumanavar subsided his anger and the sand storm came to a halt. People thanked the Goddess for saving them. Though the sand storm stopped, the people of the city lost their shelters already. Hence, Goddess also decided to live in a temple without roof, until everyone in the city gets a shelter for themselves. From then till today, Vekkaliamman temple doesn't have any roof. The Moolavar is open to the sky, be it rain or shine. It is said that, many attempts have been made to build a roof for this temple at various times, which ended in vain. This story has been narrated by renowned Tamil poet Ottakkoothar. Even today, the main diety "Vekkaliamman" does not have a roof for herself.

How to reach

This small but beautiful temple is just 7 kms from Trichy City. Many busses and taxis are available from Trichy city. The moorthi of Ambaal is so beautiful like a mother blessing her children.

Temple Contact

Uraiyur Vekkali Amman TempleTrichy - 6260003. Tel : 91-431-2761669