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# Jāgrat - waking state
# Jāgrat - waking state
# Svapna - dream state
# Svapna - dream state
# Susupti - deep-sleep state
# Suṣupti - deep-sleep state

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By Swami Harshananda

Turiya literally means ‘the fourth’.

Treatises on Advaita Vedānta take recourse to a method called ‘avasthātraya-viveka’[1] to prove the existence of the ātman[2] as pure consciousness beyond the body-mind complex. Since it persists through all the three states of consciousness it is called the ‘turīya’ or ‘the fourth’. The three states are:

  1. Jāgrat - waking state
  2. Svapna - dream state
  3. Suṣupti - deep-sleep state


  1. It is the method of ‘analysis of the three states of consciousness’.
  2. Ātman means the individual soul.
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