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I attended Cornell University from the Fall of 2002 to the Spring of 2006 to major in Environmental Sciences. Along with my other activities, I participated heavily in the Hindu Students Council for all four years. I entered first as a member, was then promoted to Treasurer, then finally as President of the organization. After my graduation from Cornell, I spent a year working for the environmental campaigns of two non-profit organizations. In the first of these positions, I advocated support for global warming legislation in Washington DC and in the second position during this time, I designed the structure of and implemented a campaign for awareness on global warming. The following year, I entered the Pace University School of Law to concentrate on environmental and international law. During my time in law school, I spent two years on the Pace Environmental Law Review, first as an Associate Editor then as Managing Editor and obtained research assistantships with three professors. I also participated in and then became president of the Asian American Law Students Organization of our school.