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By Swami Harshananda

Śivadharmapurāṇa is an upapurāṇa included in the list of eighteen upapurāṇas. It has been called a śāstra[1] by the Bhaviṣyapurāṇa thereby getting some status of importance. It is a short work of twelve chapters in which Nandikeśvara reports to Sanatkumāra what Śiva had taught to Pārvatī and Subrahmaṇya. It is a pro-Vedic Paśupata work assigned to the period A. D. 200-500. The topics dealt with are briefly as follows:

  • Origin and worship of the Śivaliṅga
  • Construction of Śiva temples
  • Offer of triśulas[2] and other things to him
  • Giving gifts to please him
  • Fasting on days dear to him
  • Duties of the worshipers and so on

It is critical of Vedic sacrifices but praises various acts of service to Śiva. Several dharmaśāstra writers like Devaṇṇabhaṭṭa[3] and Hemādri[4] quote from this upapurāṇa.


  1. Śāstra means scriptural treatise.
  2. Triśulas means tridents.
  3. He lived in 12th century A. D.
  4. He lived in 13th century A. D.
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