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By Swami Harshananda

Śivasutras is one of the basic works on Kāśmīr Śaivism. Taught by Śiva himself to Vasugupta[1] it has 77 sutras in three sections:

  1. Sāmbhavopāya - It deals with the methods which utilize consciousness itself and are applicable to the highest grades of disciples.
  2. Sāktopāya - It deals with the method of utilizing Śakti or divine energy through nāda or vibration, to lead the qualified disciple out of the world of manifestation into the world of equal Reality.
  3. Anavopāya - It deals with the method of unfoldment of consciousness. It is similar to the one described in the Yogasutras of Pataṅjali.[2]


  1. He lived in 9th century A. D.
  2. He lived in 200 B. C.
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