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By Jit Majumdar

  1. controller or restrainer of horses; maintainer or tamer of horses
  2. as strong as a horse
  3. the son of Droņa and Kŗpī, who was a powerful warrior and was known for his archery and magical skills, who was the last commander of the Kaurava army elected by Duryodhana at the end of the war, and who is considered to be one of the ‘immortals’, and the next ‘vyasa’ after Kŗşņa-Dvaipāyana (M. Bh.); an elephant belonging to the King of Mālava which was killed by Bhīma in the Bhārata War, to enable Yudhişţhira to lie to Droņa about the death of the latter’s son by the same name (M. Bh.).